Georgia is a wine-drinking country, with beer traditionally being considered an unpretentious, cheap and cheerful drink. With an increase in imported beers, perceptions are slowly changing – but not for the local brands. 
Even though it is the biggest beer in Georgia by volume, and outstanding in quality, Natakhtari – as a locally produced beer – is still seen to be ofa low standard and made in an artificial way.
The old packaging did nothing to help, withthe design lacking in natural quality cues, flavour and refreshment appeal. 
Working with Brown&Co our task was to reposition and package the product so that local perceptions would change, and Georgians might feel they had a localbeer brand they could be proud of.
We addressed the brand’s challenges with the positioning: Real. Georgian. Beer. As an authentic Georgian product – made from only natural ingredients and pure spring water. We retained core equity assets for recognition, but evolved them to be imbued with more relevant meaning.
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